May 23, 2022

Imagine the following: it’s late, you arrive tired from your work and you just want to lie on the sofa to rest while you watch some content on Amazon Prime Video for a while. You take your mobile, open the application and surprise! The Amazon Prime Video app on Android doesn’t let you buy or rent a movie or series. What a headache, not? Rest assured, we’ll show you a solution so you can move on.

Why can’t you buy or rent content in the Amazon Prime Video app for Android?

Recently, the Amazon apps for Android that are on the Play Store are undergoing some changes. Amazon Shopping no longer allows you to purchase eBooks or other digital products directly from the app. The same thing happens with the Amazon Prime Video app, in which the button to buy or rent disappeared series or movies.

Currently, both applications send to their web versions (in the browser) in order to complete purchases, adding an additional step to the process that can be quite annoying. What is this about? A recent changes in the policies of the Google Play Store for the acquisition of digital products, which will come into effect from June 1.

Until now, Amazon and other content sellers have skipped Play Store fees thanks to an interpretation of the store’s policies. Google eliminated this loophole and now any company whose app was downloaded from the official Android store will have to pay Google a commission for selling digital content. Specifically, the commission would range from 10% to 30%, depending on the type of content.

This is a move similar to the one that led to the legal dispute between Apple and Epic Games over Fortnite. As would be expected, Amazon is not willing to jump through hoops. Thus, the company decided that it was better to completely eliminate the payment option in Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Shopping and send users to the web version to complete the transaction, since it is not regulated.

Solution: so you can buy or rent Amazon Prime Video content on Android again

changes app amazon prime video android

Beyond the elimination of the buy and/or rent button, The Amazon Prime Video app for Android also underwent some changes Add-ons: Paid content is no longer actively promoted, the “Free for me” button has disappeared, and the in-app store section has been removed.

It is reasonable that this happens due to what we discussed above and it can even be beneficial for certain users, as they will save money just by enjoying the free content. However, there is nothing like the freedom to choose, and if you want to have everything within the app, we have a solution.

The only Amazon Prime Video app that is subject to Google policies is the one downloaded from the Play Store. If you download and install the app from the Amazon Appstore, you can continue to enjoy purchases and rentals on Amazon Prime Video without leaving the application. It is a simple and convenient solution to follow, which is also extensible to Android TV. We leave you the link to download the Amazon Appstore:

Google works on alternative billing options for those who do not want to depend on the Play Store

payment alternatives google play store android

Google has gotten to where it is today by being smart. They know that this new policy for the acquisition of digital content will not be to everyone’s liking, so work accordingly.

The company promised that it will develop alternative options for invoice this type of content without depending on the Play Store. This does not mean that the developers will save all of the commission payment, but it does mean a large part. However, very little is still known about it.

The first platform to receive this feature is supposed to be Spotify, but time passes and there is no news about this. Could it be that it will arrive once the changes in the Google Play Store policies come into effect? We will know on June 1.