May 23, 2022

It is normal to think that Android Automotive is the only operating system available for cars. Google’s OS is one of the few that receives media attention when it comes to the smart automotive world.

But, its name may not ring a bell, there is another operating system that is making a strong presence in this market. Is about Faurecia Aptoide, an OS for cars that drinks from Android Automotive, but does without Google services.

The French automotive supplier has reached important agreements with several of the main car manufacturers and is already presenting itself as a serious Android Auto competitor. Will it be able to displace Google’s OS from the automotive market? Join us to discover it by seeing what Faurecia Aptoide has to offer.

Faurecia Aptoide: the alternative to Android Auto with Android apps

The vast majority of manufacturers offer in their smart cars a self-developed operating system, which they complement with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay since these telematics standards represent interfaces with which users are more familiar. In addition, they offer compatibility solutions that facilitate their use.

But now, the automotive industry is presented with a third option that is gaining more and more ground: Faurecia Aptoide. In fact, the Reuters medium revealed that Faurencia and Mercedes Benz they reached an agreement so that the next vehicles of this manufacturer will carry said operating system. Thus, it adds to Volkswagen and BMW in the list of brands that have chosen Faurecia Aptoide for their smart cars.

But… What makes Faurecia Aptoide so attractive? Well, this standard based on Android Automotive OS offers a much broader catalog of information and entertainment solutions. For a start, despite being based on the Google OS, it dispenses with the services, apps and the store of those of the great G.

In fact, the Faurecia Aptoide app store will be, as its name indicates, Aptoide, the famous repository of apps that Google has falsely accused of being a dangerous place. Well, hand in hand with this store, Faurecia promises that its OS will provide more possibilities when it comes to installing applications in the car. Currently, they have a catalog of more than 250 apps that have been certified for use in a vehicle.

However, in addition to the greater availability of apps to install, perhaps one of the real reasons why car manufacturers are betting on Faurecia Aptoide is the possibility of bypass google apps to offer your company’s own services.

And you… Do you think that in the future Aptoide will be the most used app store in cars?