May 23, 2022

The choice made in the new episode of the TV series divides Halo, broadcast on Paramount + and Sky in Italy: one scene has infuriated many fans who are complaining on Twitter. The episode in question is the 8th, penultimate of the first season, which was released on May 12 in America and which will be dubbed in Italian on May 16.

In episode 6 we had left Master Chief, John-117, in a sort of shared consciousness after coming into contact with the keystone, the alien artifact protagonist of this first season. Once the vital values ​​had calmed down, Master Chief had thus found himself with the conscience of him in the Halo, the ring that in the video game we see almost immediately and that in this series instead took a long time to arrive. The intriguing part, however, concerns the original character of Makee, a human ally of the Covenant and a spy for them who finds in John-117 the only other human capable of activating this artifact.

After the shared vision, John And Makee I end up having sex together, indulging in hormones, which is scandalizing the purest fans of the game as Master Chief has always been seen as an asexual being, capable of having a relationship only if that is platonic and with his AI, Cortana. The Master Chief of the TV series immediately differentiated, especially considering that he spends a lot of time without a helmet (which in the video game does not happen also to make the gamer think that Master Chief is actually the player himself).

The even more interesting – and divisive – thing is that just after this act, Makee sends the signal to the Covenant of where he is. Reachdecreeing the possible Fall of Reach, altering the story and proposing a logically correct but heavy variant, considering that in this case the fault would be the weakness of John-117.

However, remember that the TV series of Halo is a re-telling of the video game: the story is set in what the authors call the Silver Timeline and which, despite being dotted with fixed and iconic points (such as the possible Fall of Reach) will have different dynamics and, as we see in this episode, also different ideas.