May 23, 2022


Kings Beach is a
scenic city along the northern stretch of Lake Tahoe in the state of
California. It was named after a card shark who won the area from a poker game.
Highway 267 and Highway 28 pass through town, making it very accessible for
many guests to enjoy its perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural charm. It
is known as the banana belt in the northern shore because it is stationed along
the sun’s path from morning until afternoon. Besides basking in generous sunlight,
guests can enjoy trendy shops, flavorful food, ski resorts, and seeing famous
personalities that live within its boundaries. 

Things to Do

The city offers
a wide selection of fun and interesting activities in Kings Beach. Guests can
start off by trying different kind of watersports in the clean waters of Lake
Tahoe. Some of the favorite ones include parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, or
simply gliding through the lake by renting out motorboats. Golfing and movie
watching can also be enjoyed in the Old Brockway Golf Course and the Brockway
Theater, respectively. Families will have fun while at the Kings Beach State
Recreation Center that comes with a children’s playground, events area and a
mini park, and it sits adjacent from several restaurants and shops. Those who
arrive in the city during winter can take advantage of superb ski slopes or
simply admire the beauty of the ice-capped mountains surrounding the city.

Best Hotel Accommodations

A favorite pick
of many guests and locals are those that offer captivating views of the lake
and relatively reasonable rates. One of the popular choices is the Ferraris
Crown Resort that lets guests enjoy outdoor pools that come with panoramic
views of the lake and spacious rooms. The Stevenson’s Holiday Inn, Seven Pines
Motel, and several vacation rentals are also worth a try. Book your Kings Beach Hotels with

Best Dining Spots

delicious food is never a problem while in Kings Beach. There are a lot of restaurants
that can fulfill any kind of appetite. Some of the most popular ones include
the Brockway Bakery that features a wide-array of homemade European pastries
and soothing coffee and Jason’s Landing and Beachside Grille that does not only
serve delicious prime ribs but also offers a friendly atmosphere and
captivating views of the lake. Fine dining enthusiasts will love the setting
and the food provided by the Lakeview Restaurant at Cal Neva Resort and the
upscale Southwestern dishes of the Caliente while couples will surely feel the
intimate ambience from the Soule Domain Restaurant.

Accommodation Tips

  • There are a lot of accommodation possibilities in the city
    which can cater to big groups, families, and individual guests. Hotels,
    condo units, resorts, bed breakfasts and charming inns are available all year-round
    which often get packed during the summer and winter months.
  • For those who want to save some bucks, it is best for them to
    make reservations in advance.
  • Finding the best place to stay in is often tricky because of
    the many accommodation sites in the area. A quick look in the internet
    concerning customers’ reviews can be very helpful.
  • Rental and tour groups are available for those who want to have
    a hassle-free time in looking for hotels that suit their preferences.